Why Anthony Bourdain's Suicide is Not 'Just Another Celebrity Death'

It took us a bit to put our thoughts together on Anthony Bourdain's passing. It's hard to believe it's been a week already. He definitely inspired us on our food travel journey...we will miss his shows and stories immensely.

Guest Exclusive Dining at Chabil Mar in Placencia, Belize

If a trip to Belize has been on your radar, consider booking at Chabil Mar in Placencia. It's what is termed a "guest exclusive" resort, which means only guests at the resort can dine or drink on property. It's close enough to the village to explore other restaurants and eateries, and it's lovely to start the day off with room service on your Caribbean Sea facing veranda!

Thrillist Travel

Need to make another trip to San Sebastian! Yum!

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Yesterday’s #ottbeerdiary beer of the day. Lambic Vin Jaune / La Vie est Belge (2016) by Brasserie Cantillon 🇧🇪 at #Cantillon #quintessence - wonderful aroma of rich sweet Sauternes wine or sherry. Beautiful smooth sour flavor. Amazingly excellent with the Comte cheese from @lafruitierebrussels

Made a variation of a dish called enfrijoladas from Oaxaca today. I didn't have the exact ingredients in Belize, so I adapted the best I could. It's essentially their version of enchiladas but with a bean sauce.

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If you haven't watched season 1 on Netflix, do so now! Love this show!!!


What's your food birthstone? According to this, I would be Nasi Goreng.

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This will be Brett’s new favorite hotel!


I definitely want to try this when I am back in California in a few weeks!


This looks amazing! Especially given how cold it is in Holland right now!


Thanks Traveller for the mention of our food travel blog! We really appreciate listing us as a resource for food travelers! <3

Dining at Cayo Espanto, Belize's Exclusive Private Island

Have you ever dined on a private island before? Erin had the opportunity to spend some time at Cayo Espanto Island Resort in Belize while on assignment last month. Here's a peek into what you can expect if you book a stay on this very exclusive island in the Caribbean.


Who's ready to go to South Korea after watching this? 😍

Chinese Cuisine: Din Tai Fung in Torrance, California

Excited to be headed to one of my favorite restaurants this week while I am in Los Angeles for a few days!

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Love these! Last time I was in Hong Kong, our hotel was just down the street from one of the locations, which always had a line.

Paul Bocuse

It was a sad day in the culinary world...


This is pretty wild!


This is horrifying!


What do you think about these projected food trends for 2018? Do you agree or disagree?

Ham & Sherry

Great food and stellar cocktails. If you're in Hong Kong, we highly recommend Ham & Sherry!

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Last night’s #ottbeerdiary beer of the night. Savant Beersel by Perennial Artisan Ales 🇺🇸7.9% ABV American Wild Ale - a 100% Brett fermented pale aged in French Oak Cabernet barrels with Missouri wine grapes. Lovely fruit flavors. An excellent sour. Perfectly blended. Between the Savant Beersel and the Barrel Aged Abraxas, Perennial brought it to the 6:30 session, being totally poured out of both by 7:30.

Writing about XiaoLongBao this week has left me craving them but I am too lazy to attempt them at home (again) so I'll guess I'll wait until January when I'm close to a Din Tai Fung location again! Have you tried making them at home with any success?

Chinese Cuisine: Din Tai Fung in Torrance, California

I love that Din Tai Fung continues to expand into new US markets and when they opened Din Tai Fung Del Amo in Torrance, California, I was extra excited since it's only 10 minutes from my parents house. I just wish they would come to Europe now!

New Bars in Belize: Crocs Sunset Sports Bar Soft Opening in San Pedro

If you're headed to Ambergris Caye, Belize, be sure to check out the new Crocs Sunset Sports Bar that opened last week. Great location and the sunset views are superb.


I knew some of the differences between types of chopsticks, but not necessarily all the reasons why they developed that way. I would love to find time to sit and read his book as I have always been fascinated with their history and use in Asian cuisine and culture.


These look amazing!

Bring Me

This is an amazing concept! #veteransday

It's Thirsty Thursday! Cheers from Palapa Bar in #Belize!

Tasting your way through Bruges, Belgium - Food, Beer, and Chocolate

Have you been to Bruges, Belgium? Brett shares his picks for the best spots to buy chocolate as well as grab a local craft beer and bite to eat.

Eater SF

Can't wait to visit this part of Mexico!

Today is International Sloth Day! If you love sloths and drink tea, this tea infuser if for you. Sadly, I didn't order mine in time to arrive for today (just found it yesterday). I'll still use it the rest of the year and be ready to go for #internationalslothday 2018! :)

Link (affiliate) to purchase on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2l4uFQy

The Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Are you a fan of Star Wars? We've got you covered for all your must have Star Wars kitchen and dining room accessories. Get a jump on holiday shopping before The Last Jedi is released on December 15.

Massive Northern California Wildfires Continue to Devastate | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Here's an update to the wineries that have been damaged so far as a result of the Northern California wildfires.

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Prost (or proost in Dutch)! Made it to München for Oktoberfest 2017! Now en route to Prague!

The Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

Are you a Star Wars fan? We've compiled an awesome list of must have kitchen items you need in your kitchen. We found everything from lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up to a TIE Fighter gas grill. Here's everything you need to get ready for a Star Wars party at home before the next movie releases this December!


All of these look incredible! What's your favorite?


Fascinated watching these cakes...I don't think I could stand to destroy it just to eat it! LOL These are stunning designs. Which is your favorite?

Ceviche versus Aguachile: What's the Difference?

Have you tried ceviche? How about aguachile? While similar, there are a few notable differences, including the heat level. http://ourtastytravels.com/blog/ceviche-versus-aguachile-whats-difference/

A Local's Guide to the Top Things to Do in Bordeaux - Luxe Adventure Traveler

If you have any plans to visit Bordeaux, check out this awesome list of things to do from our friends at Luxe Adventure Traveler.


These look amazing!

JYOTO Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Belize

Looking for sushi in Belize? Head out to Ambergris Caye and try the newly opened JYOTO Japanese restaurant / Sushi bar at Mahogany Bay Village. The first real sushi bar on the island and it's a beauty! http://ourtastytravels.com/blog/jyoto-japanese-restaurant-sushi-bar-belize/

Have you ever tried cochinita Pibil? Mexican-slow roasted pork is popular in the Yucatán region, and it is not spicy like many assume. Instead, it's a bit sweet and very earthy, flavors that come from the mix of spices used.

JYOTO Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in Belize

Ambergris Caye, Belize now has a real authentic Japanese style sushi bar!

Bored with regular bar snacks? Cause BEER loves FOOD in Amsterdam has some interesting options. Such as these mango crickets. Also Smoked Onion BBQ crickets and Sesame & Cumin Mealworms!


This trend in the food industry is quite disturbing. I remember hearing about this 20,000 calorie burger, but now they say two people have died attempting to eat it. It feels like dining out has really changed -- now it's just for the shock factor, whether a dish is Instagram worthy / will a big viral food site will pick it up, or what new hipster trend can we create. As the video notes, this burger is the daily allowance of calories for like 10 men -- why is this popular when you know most of the burger is going to waste, or the flip side is you die after eating it???

Craving this Salmon Tataki from JYOTO Japanese Restaurant & Bar in San Pedro, Belize. 🇧🇿 What's your favorite item to order at a sushi bar?


How amazing does this look?!?! WOW!

Beautiful day today along the Rhine river in Germany on KD Cruises.


I could watch this bread rise all day 😍 and the location? Completely unexpected!